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December 26, 2005



You know I find it very repulsive that you exploited and exposed this sickly dog in the last years of his life. Don't you think the loud audiences and traveling and everything else that you had him involved in only added to his demise. You made a mockery out out of an ill dog. You say proceeds of SAM go to the shelters? How much have you truly given? If you have nothing to hide and are not ashamed of what you did to an innocent sick dog then you will post this comment on your site & if you dont post it then I guess you are feeling somewhat disgusted and ashamed.



I don't really mean for you to post this. This is just a personal message for Susie. Susie, you rock. You can tell in the pictures how much you love Sam. He is so lucky to have found you. You made Sam a star and saw goodness where other people saw ugliness. That's just a reflection on what a positive, special person you are. On behalf of dog lovers everywhere, thank you for taking Sam in, loving him, and making him know at all times that he was cared for. My condolences for your loss.

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