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December 30, 2005




I must've been too caught up in volunteering with rescued Boxers, rescued Katrina/Rita dogs (at the Houston SPCA) and rescued horses at Habitat for Horses (Hitchcock, TX) to have seen the story on "Sam the Ugliest Dog" --until tonight, that is.

So when Paula Zahn's NOW had a segment a half-hour ago, I watched it and cried my head off, then went to your website and found your blog.

I add my heartfelt sentiments to the millions who are writing to thank you for adopting and loving Sam, for giving him the life of Riley, and for showing us that ugly is beautiful.

May your one kind deed ripple out to save many more pets, reduce puppy mill and shelter populations, and bring more joy to the animal kingdom -- and thus peace to the whole world!

BLESS YOU for donating to Best Friends and other dog rescues. Sammie is proud of you, Susie. Just as my misshapen rescued Boxer Olivia, who was with me for two years and who is now over the Rainbow Bridge with Sam, is perhaps proud of me for helping needy doggies in her memory.

A horse-and-dog-loving friend from Houston

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