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December 12, 2005


Anneke McIntosh

Chinese Watercrested or Chupacabra?!?
Maybe someone has mentioned this before, but has anyone looked into the possibility of Sam having been a Chupacabra?

Main Entry: chupacabra
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: a purported creature resembling a gargoyle, said to exist in parts of Mexico and on Puerto Rico; also called Jersey Devil
Etymology: Spanish `goat-sucker', from its attacks and draining the blood of the victims

I think either a.) Sam was misdiagnosed as a Chinese watercrested hairless or b.) A bunch of Chinese watercrested hairless(es) got out loose in Latin America about 10 yrs. ago...Just a thought - Ani

Julie Cleaves

I must have been living in a cave lately - I hadn't heard anything about Sam until I saw a small lnk on tonight. Being a dog lover, I followed the link out of curiosity and couldn't believe it! I work with a rescue organization fostering tiny dogs (chihuahuas mainly) and have never seen anything quite like Sam.

I cried over his stories and felt my heart ache when I read the story about his death. What a sweet and special dog he was! I still miss every dog I have ever had and know that awful sadness that you are feeling. Even if you have other dogs, they never can take the place of the one you are missing.

I understand why everyone is so captivated by the story of Sam and you. You are obviously both beautiful souls who were joined together for an amazing, although much too brief, adventure! Thank you for allowing us to share it.

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