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December 03, 2005



Susie, thanks for promoting adoption of older pets and adoption from shelters. About four years ago I adopted a 10 year old german shepherd whose time was running out from a local animal shelter. Poor Fritz was filthy, grossly underweight and needed a lot of medical attention, and it was obvious that he'd been neglected in his old age. Anyway, it's one of the best things I've ever done because he turned out to be one of the most loyal, faithful friends I could ever have. I had him for two years, until one day his back legs gave out on him and he was no longer able to walk. That was a horrible day for me, but at least I know that the last two years of his life were filled with love and companionship. I still miss him very much, and I hope to be able to adopt a bunch more older animals as soon as I'm able to move to a much bigger place.


Thank you so much for your promotion of shelter dogs. I, for one, wouldn't have any other kind. Shelter dogs have literally saved my life more than once. I think they know who their friends are! BTW, I have a soft spot for those creaky old warty ones too! That little Sam seems like he was awesome. Thank you for sharing him with the world.

Serene K

Dearest Susie,
First, I would like to mention that those pictures of you and Sam are lovely. I am so happy that you were able to give him so much happiness in the last few years of his life. You are an angel. I know God has a special place in heaven for those who are merciful to his innocent, voiceless creations, like you.

Thank you for getting the word out about un-necessary back yard breeding. I feel the same about older shetler dogs. I try so hard to convince friends looking for dogs to adopt them... they have so much wisdom, patience, and love to offer anyone who will give them a chance. My family has adopted an 8 yr old Teacup Chihuahua... he's such a joy!!! and like Sam, sometimes he acts like hes posessed!

Unfortunately, I am surrounded by family and friends who will buy only pure-bred puppies... not caring about the consequnces of over-population of mixed-breeds at shelters. If only there were more people like you.

Take Care, God Bless.
Keep up the good work.


Thank you for using Sam (and his memory) to promote shelter rescues. We've been blessed with three shelter rescues - a Catahoula/German Shepherd cross and two cats, including a one-eyed kitty - and they are all inseparable parts of our family.


I just read about Sam's passing, and I wanted to say I am sorry. I saw a show about Sam about a year ago, and I couldn't believe they were calling him the ugliest dog. I thought Sam was beautifula and lucky to have a kind-hearted person like you find him. Un-adoptable , my butt.


I want you to know Sam has changed our world. Thank you and hope you the best.

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