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November 19, 2005



Hi Susie,

I just read your touching tribute to Sam in The Independent, and it brought tears to my eyes. I just moved to SB, so I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but as a devoted pet owner, I wanted to give you my condolences, and thank you for sharing Sam's story. Rock on, Sam....


Steven Taylor

I had never heard of Sam before the day he passed away. Nevertheless his history has touched me.
I think that his story somehow makes us think about the true value of beauty. He might not have been the cutest dog in the world, but he sure seemed to be one of the sweetest ones.
The way that he was loved by Susie and the way he seemed to give her back the same love is just truly beautyful.
Sam made me love my own dog even more and I have to thank him for that.
Susie must be going through some real hard times now.
But I`m sure that despite missing her Sam, she'll always be glad to know that he passed away as the happiest, most loved dog in the world.

Best wishes to Susie and the rest of Sam's family and friends.

Steven Taylor
Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Daniel Zanata

Hello I am Daniel Zanata from Brazil, I saw that your dog was with God, gosh they don't forget of him, make a lot of homage to him, because he deserves

Brazil / São Paulo / Piraju


I would like to say that I´m sorry about what happened to Sam and try to make you feel more confortable expressing that he was truly loved by everybody around the world. Keep praying for him, cause there´s a place where you con meet him whenever you want in your dreams.


Perhaps 3 or 4 times over the past year or two, I have looked up Sam's picture on the Internet just to have a smile.

I did that again today, only to learn that Sam passed away 2 days ago.

To my surprise, the news has hit me hard.

Perhaps it is because I volunteer at a small animal shelter and foster sick, abused and unwanted dogs--many of whom, like Sam, carry their beauty on the inside rather than on the outside.

Susie, thank you for sharing Sam with us.


I´m from Brazil and I´m very sad today, because of the notice :(. Goodbye SAM, and be happy in your new house in heaven!



Here of the Brazil I always folloied, for the "Sam & Susie's Blog" the history of Sam. I am very sad. Its message is us it, through its life. Congratulations, Sam

PS - they forgive for my imperfect English


Rest in Peace, dear Sam! Enjoy the Rainbow...
São Paulo/Brazil.


Can't believe Sam died!
I was sure his number one fan...

May he be in a better place now O.o

even thou i never saw him on real life i'm still sad because he's gone...

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