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November 19, 2005



Dearest Susie. I was so saddened to hear about the loss of your beloved little Sammie. I had become a fan of his too this year and thought he was a beautiful little boy. He was so lucky to have such a wonderful,loving mommy as you. Thank you so, so much for sharing his and your life with all of us. I will miss him.He was a very special little boy.The two of you will be in my prayers. One day I pray that you and your baby will be together again over the rainbow bridge. He was a little sweetheart. Take care and goodbye. Love, Debbie

Tracy Glover

Hi Susie,
I just want you to know how Sam touched me. I am a lover of animals...all animals. When my friend "introduced" me to Sam on the internet, I could not believe my eyes. I did not see the "ugliest" dog ever. In fact, I saw a sweet, funny, little guy who made me laugh every time I saw his picture. I believe the reason Sam brought me so much joy is that Sam never knew he was "ugly". He went his entire life thinking he was the most stunning dog around. Sam was an example to us all. YOU ARE ONLY AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU THINK YOU ARE. Sam was wonderful and he will be missed.

Jorge Paez

Dear Susie,

I love my dogs too, so I wish peace in your heart, and i wish peace to Sam in dog´s Heaven, and please, take care of every dog that you meet, or if you will adopt a new one! You ar an example! Good Lucky!




Susie, eu sei do momento difícil que você está passando com a perda do seu bicho. Eu tenho um cachorro, e sei como é ruim, vê-lo quando ele está doente e com dor. Saiba que o Sam está com Deus e olhando por você. Quero te desejar, muita fé no coração, nessa caminhada sem o Sam e, que você realize todos os seus sonhos.


Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


Helo, very interesting this blog. Sam will be always in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU SAM.

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