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CBS Early Show "SAM" video



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August 24, 2005


Taylor speenccer

sam is so beautifull i want a dog that looks just like him remember sam may not look that nice on the outside but on the inside he is the best looking dog i have seen in a long time thank god for sam an susie

Patsy Crowder

I have a chinese crested named Zeus. Whatever any one says that doesn't have one doesn't count. They may have attitude to protect themselves-but you could never find another dog as devoted and loving as these. Inner Beauty reigns!!!


Sam, you are great. You should be proud of your unique characteristics. You are loved not only by your Mom but also by your fans around the world!


I feel so sorry for poor Sam. Susie you truly have a very warm heart to take in that poor dog if it weren't for you that poor thing would proably still be at the pound or worse.


My husband, being an animal lover, loves Sam and is happy he is being loved. so am I.


Wow. I have to say, it's very inspiring that "the world's uglist dog" also can maintain and enjoy a decent life. I feel so sorry for that dog, but so glad that it has a caring owner. I'm sure that in it's heart and soul it's just a normal dog that wants to be normal. It's owner is brave and wonderful! Dogs are blessings from God surely and your kindess sets an example for all.


I just saw the CCN and CBS videos, as well as all the photos, and the more I see Sam, the cuter and more lovable he becomes! Give Sam a kiss for me Susie!

Love from Toronto, Canada


What exactly is poor Sam's story? Is it simply that all the recessive genes *possible* converged on this unlucky puppy?

(Is it a connective tissue disorder, by any chance?)

He's lucky to have a mummy who loves him anyway...

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