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August 29, 2005



I commend you for taking in Sam and doing such a fine job in taking care of him. Shame on "Debbie" for acting like an that. People are so quick to rush to judgement without facts or calmly asking questions. She should be ashamed of herself, however it only reinforces your position. Give Sam a nice light petting for us, so that he doesn't growl for Debbie. (The post it note story was hilarious by the way. I used to have a cat that was super sensitive just like that.)


I think that person who said sam should die a slow and painfull death should be ashamed!!!Sam is one of the coolest dogs EVER!!!And he is not ugly either.He has natural

P.S. I love you sooooooo much sam!!!


You know at first I was repelled, but he is growing on me.... I actually think he is BEAUTIFUL now..... isnt it the inside that counts anyways??? Ive seen BEAUTIFUL showdogs with the most godawful personalities! Ill take him anyday; and Ill french kiss him too......

Mr Bungle

Sam is absolutely class. Just saw him in Bizarre. He's like something out of Evil Dead. I can't stop looking at him. Hope he doesn't die anytime soon, I'd love to see him on camera.


from argentina: sam i love you!


A friend sent me this blog.Sam is not ugly! He is beautiful! Don't ever stop loving him! You are an angel, dear girl!
My prayers are with you and Sam!



Rise above those negative people! There will always be someone out there who 'knows' best!

It was my son Thomas, who found the picture of Sam, and he is using it as background on his cellular, because it is sooo cooool! His word! He love dogs!
Just keep loving Sam, as long as he lives.

Greetings from Trondheim, Norway, Tove and Thomas

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