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August 30, 2005



I had written a comment earlier about my battle with cancer and depression and how Sam was just the laugh I needed. I have his picture posted in my office; it makes me smile. I couldn't believe how uptight and angry people were about this dog being entered in an ugly dog contest by Susie. It amazed me how many narrow minded, brain dead, humorless people attacked this woman from all sides for her decision. I just had to write again and ask what is wrong with you people who think laughing at an ugly (really ugly) dog is sinful. Or showing off your unusual animal on television or on the web is in some way manipulating his soul or spirit. He is a dog, for all he knows you're laughing at your own stupidity. If Sam likes people you have made his day surrounding him with people during an interview. If he hates people you have given him a reason to growl or bark. Either way he wins. All Sam needs is a warm dry place to live, food to eat and water to drink, someone to love him and someone he can love. He seems to have all of these and get off the internet and Susie's back...and use your time to volunteer at a local animal shelter and see for yourself real abuse and neglect.


Lately, I have found myself spending the better part of my day feeling sorry for myself instead of being productive. After my cancer diagnosis, my left breast was replaced by a huge scar, my hair went by the way of my self-esteem and my cancer gave me chemo-therapy treatments and eventually spread to my bone and liver. Say what you will about my insensitivity, but Sam is not only UGLY, but scary as well as hilarious. I needed a good laugh and he made my day. No matter how he looks, he is loved. Something I remind myself every time I start felling down. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and if Sam can be loved without hair, SO CAN I !!!


I am from New Orleans and this did bring some much needed chuckles to me and my boyfriend amidst a lot of heartbreak. :) Too funny! I hope to rescue one of the many animals that will be left without a loving owner when all this madness is said and done.


I was introduced to Sam about two months ago and have fallen head over heels in love with him and with you and ALL of his fans! Your story is remarkable and so heart-warming, I just cannot get enough of Sam, and my friends can't, either! Did you ever think (when you first met him in his "glory") that he would not only TOTALLY win your heart over but be so loveable and LOVED by so many? Ahhhh..... Sam was waiting to be found by you. It's been the best love story I've ever read. I send Sam links to all my friends and all my animal lover friends :) I have worked adoption and rescue (cats, dogs, wildlife) and have many four-legged children. It's my love, and I would take in ALL the Sams of the world if I could. We need more of the "Sams and Susies" of the world. Thank you for being there for Sam and all the homeless dogs of the world and for showing us just how beautiful Sam has shown through.

From "Jules" and her beautiful muttly dogs and cats


Maybe Sam's friends would like to help out animals affected by Hurricane Katrina - the link to donate is


Im really sorry about Debbys call...... Lord knows how many animals are abused and they turn mean, and it takes a VERY special person to see through that and take him in and love him for all his shortcomings...Just take a walk through a shelter one day...I once saw a not very attractive dog spray painted, meanest dog in the world but I understood somehow.... turns out he was unadoptable because he had a broken back..... and this BEAUTIFUL humans do..... Animals are born innocent. It is US the humans that make them evil..... God bless Sam and his wonderful MOMMY.... SHes is the best HUMAN on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love,
Me and my 9 Lives...

PS Get caller id please....!


Hi. I just saw you and Sam on TV recently. I am so sorry that your caller was negative and mean. I grew up with a cocker spaniel who would growl like that when anyone but my dad or myself would touch him. He was a nice dog, just way too verbal! I have a one-eyed(accident) poodle who growls and carries on whenever one of our other four dogs come anywhere near her! You'd think she'd been abused. I think taking in a dog like Sam shows your love of animals. Keep up the good work, and give Sam a pat for me. :)

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