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August 29, 2005



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 Dr. Sue

Susie, You are doing a great job with Sam. I have Josette,14, who is cranky and you never know which way she will act, especially if you touch her rear end/tail.She can sure be sweet when you have treats, but don't touch her butt! I rescued Peanut,10-14, and she is the absolute sweetest dog ever. She is a mix & we have Molly, 13, who is a Bearded Collie. Molly was just diagnosed with Cancer and we are just lovin her up and making her comfortable. We are however looking into a Chinese Crested. That's how I found about Sam. My Aunt thought it would be funny to send me his picture! I think he is handsome. Please give Sam a kiss from me and my girls. Congrads on three years winning the Ugliest Dog Award.


I think what you are doing for Sam is wonderful. I have a Peanut that is the laughing stock of the family. "Good morning Peanut!" is always an experiment, tail wag or disgusted growl, you never know which it will be. You obviously adore him. Pay no attention to Debbie.


Heh, I have little doubt he's well cared for. I just find it interesting that an Australian pointed SAM out to me when I live in Santa Barbara. I guess that means I'll be reading more about SAM, eh? Glad to know that you've patience, where many other lack it, and I know many animals that are just naturally, well, grumpy.

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