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August 12, 2005



I think I can never talk to Dylan (see above) again, cause Sam frightens ME....

Charles Lee

Hi Sam, You would fit right in with Bangkok's street dogs (soi dogs).


beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I bet you don't think Sam is the world's ugliest dog and I bet he thinks your the most beautiful human in the world. Take good care of Sam, he's a senior citizen.


That is such a cool story. I don't care to ever see Sam in person. I hope I don't. He is the ugliest dog I've ever seen. Hollywood can't make anything uglier than Sam - unless there is blood involved. He's hideous. Congratulations.


In response to the person who commented that Sam's face is one that only a mother could love ... well, I'm not a mother and certainly not Sam's mother, but I love his face anyway. If I saw that little guy walking down the street or carried in Susie's arms as *she* walked down the street, I'd be all over him with the lovin'. I love all dogs, no matter what. One thing that breaks my heart is when a person is walking, say, two dogs, and only the one that most people would consider "cuter" is getting the attention. So the other dog is standing off to the side, thinking, "Hey, what about me? Don't I count?" To all those dogs who think they don't count because they are not "beautiful", I say to you this: You ARE beautiful.

Sam, I absolutely love you. You're my kind of dog. And Susie, you're my kind of girl. :-*


I read the LAT article via Drudgereport. My God that is an ugly dog, but as a dog person myself, I can completely understand where you're coming from. Congrats on another year as reigning champ Sam!!


I just discovered Sam on and saw the article of you two there. And while I commend you for your heart and love for Sam, I have to be honest and say that it truly is only a face a mother could love. And also the saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think it's great that you can look past the outward appearance of an image I'm getting from the "Crypt Keeper" and love Sam regardless! You're a wonderful mom Susie!


Here's the article. Good luck with all the hits:,0,6089292,full.story?coll=la-tot-promo


Sam is ther perfect antidote to a world that's in a continual state of being nipped, tucked, and botoxed. He sounds like a real gem. Good on you, Sam!

Edwin Glenn

I wonder if I would pet Sam or run for my life if I got the chance to meet him.

dylan odhner

I think I love Sam, and that frightens me.

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